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3,6) Joint immobilization in a physiologic perching angle has the potential to result in more complete restoration of limb usage, including ambulation, locomotion, and perching, than external coaptation alone.
Because of the nondisplaced, nondiaphyseal nature of the fracture in this owl, it was determined that external coaptation with a simple figure-of-eight bandage would allow maintenance of the alignment, stabilization, and immobilization deemed necessary for optimal fracture healing.
Key words: femur, fracture, pathologic fracture, external coaptation, polyvinyl chloride, PVC, egglaying, avian, maroon-bellied conure, Pyrrhura frontalis
13) In this investigation, external coaptation was not applied to any patient.
This case illustrates a common complication of external coaptation used as sole means of managing fractures of the avian ulna, radius, or both, which results from lack of interosseous soft tissue in the antebrachial area.
Failure of external coaptation to stimulate healing of the transverse fracture dictated treatment with surgical stabilization.
3-8) External coaptation, arthrodesis, and transarticular external skeletal fixation result in temporary or permanent immobilization of joints.

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