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The influences between the organization and its external environment are reciprocal: the organization influences the environment through its products and services and the external environment influence acting within its organization.
Under the current external environment, IMF staff projects economic activity to begin to "stabilize" in 2014/15, with real GDP growing by 1-2 percent in 2014/15.
The external environment comprises all of those forces and events outside the organization that impinge on its activities (Palmer and Bob, 2002).
They were grouped into four categories namely: managerial, financial, qualitative and entrepreneurial, connection with the external environment.
According to the research, 40% of businesses in Wales report that at present they do not analyse the future external environment at all, while 38% of directors said they have lost potential revenue and profit due to a lack of analysis around future operating environments.
The angle measurement circuitry is shielded from external environment conditions.
Rapid changes, principally in the external environment, require management to select new approaches and methods of decision-making and to have a well conceived algorithm enabling a flexible response to customers' wishes.
If ever Latin America faced an external environment conducive to rapid economic growth, it has to have been that of the past four years.
phonology) it to natural selection to an external environment.
During the 4 years of college, the rapid changes of the external environment force students to modify their decisions from time to time.
There wasn't an immediate crisis with a short time line for recovery, but this progressive organization knew that the external environment for nonprofits was changing dramatically.

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