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The external environment of an organization may be viewed as a source of information, resources, or variation (Choo, 1993b).
While one can seek to change the external environment in one's favor by strategizing against a system--for example, U.
It added that these reforms would "lay the basis for sustained high growth and lower unemployment, especially if the external environment continues to improve.
Commenting on the results Mohsin Nathani, Chief Executive, Standard Chartered Bank (Pakistan) Limited, said, "Despite a challenging external environment, Standard Chartered is proud to be operating as the largest and oldest foreign bank in Pakistan.
Connection with external environment is ensured by the following factors: partners from external environment with which university is collaborating (NPEE), centers developed through applicative scientific research (NCDASR), technologies, methodologies and procedures transffered to external environment (NTMP), employers with which university has partnerships (NEP), curriculums agreed with partners from external environment (NCPEE), finalized research projects in collaboration with partners from external environment (NFRS) (fig.
According to the research, 40% of businesses in Wales report that at present they do not analyse the future external environment at all, while 38% of directors said they have lost potential revenue and profit due to a lack of analysis around future operating environments.
If ever Latin America faced an external environment conducive to rapid economic growth, it has to have been that of the past four years.
phonology) it to natural selection to an external environment.
During the 4 years of college, the rapid changes of the external environment force students to modify their decisions from time to time.
There wasn't an immediate crisis with a short time line for recovery, but this progressive organization knew that the external environment for nonprofits was changing dramatically.
She points out that it is as important to be at peace with oneself as to have peace in the external environment.

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