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Written in a very comprehensible and clear language--even for the common reader--this book tries to fill the gaps caused by the absence of an exhaustive book focused on external fixation devices: actually this book is intended to provide the readers with all the surgical and rehabilitation procedures.
This early range of motion program may explain why the external fixation group did not show any additional finger stiffness when compared to the plate group, and also why a difference in finger stiffness was not found in the operative and nonoperative groups.
Internal fixation sales increased 2% worldwide and decreased 5% in the United States during fiscal year 2007, while external fixation sales decreased 13% worldwide and 17% in the United States.
Stryker Orthopedics, an external fixation device manufacturer, and Surgi-Care, Inc.
Augmentation of such constructs with either a medial plate or medial external fixation has been advocated to improve stability.
To do so, he required a large and small fragment set consisting of an internal plate and external fixation device.
Orthopaedic trauma surgeons have a variety of treatments that may include internal fixation with plates and screws, external fixation devices, and arthroscopic fixation of fractures as well as meniscal repair.
8) devices internal or external fixation, intermaxillary fixation splints or accessories (1 Unit)
Internal fixation devices are gaining popularity over external fixation devices as the raw materials used in internal fixation devices are durable, stable, and flexible which provide necessary support to the bone and result in quick recovery from the medical condition.
The Indian orthopedic trauma devices market is split into two general categories; internal and external fixation.
At one-year follow-up, patients allocated to external fixation had significantly better radiographic and functional outcomes.
Shetty: Increased interest and growth in the external fixation market has been an interesting trend in the trauma market in the last few years.