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Open reduction and Internal fixation are widely used than External fixation in recent years.
With hemodynamic instability or associated injuries preventing extended procedures, external fixation as a temporizing measure should be done early.
External fixation of the clavicle for fracture or non-union in adults.
Bilateral external fixation pins then were bent parallel to the long axis of the tibiotarsus, where the proximal ones were bent 90[degrees] distally and the distal ones bent proximally.
Apart from modality used for external fixation, it also depends on nutritional status of patient.
External fixation of distal radius fractures: Effect of distraction and duration.
Undisplaced fractures, certain minimally displaced type A fractures or type C1 fractures may be treated by a long leg cast for 6 weeks followed by functional cast, brace or treated in an external fixation without reduction followed by ROM exercises.
With the caveat that certain fractures may become operative in the initial emergent phase of treatment, such as open pelvic fractures undergoing irrigation and debridement or widely displaced fractures in unstable patients undergoing external fixation, the first step in the definitive management of pelvic fractures most typically entails a decision between operative versus non-operative treatment.
If laparotomy is not indicated, angiography is the next step after reduction of pelvic volume with a binder, external fixation, or c-clamp.
Naseer-Awais External Fixation System (NA-5) was another advancement of the same department.
In neonates, pelvic compliance sometimes allows manual approximation, although pelvic osteotomy is needed many times; however, external fixation is indicated in both cases in order to maintain pelvic closure for 4-6 weeks.
Orthopedic device segments are broadly categorized as joint implants, external fixation devices, and internal fixation devices.