external form

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Not only their external form, but, in several cases, their internal structure shows in a very curious manner that they have revolved in their aerial course.
In the third category he included those Brothers (the majority) who saw nothing in Freemasonry but the external forms and ceremonies, and prized the strict performance of these forms without troubling about their purport or significance.
But I expect a strict observance of the external forms of propriety till such time"--his voice shook--"as I may take measures to secure my honor and communicate them to you.
Eligibility Criteria : The participant of the procurement procedure in the second section of his proposal must provide: - a copy of the certificate of state registration; - a certificate of the tax authority on the absence of arrears in the payment of taxes, fees (duties) on the first day of the month preceding the day of submission of the offer on paper, certified by the signature of the official and the seal of the issuing authority, or in the form of an electronic document, EDCL or ZIP (for the possibility of verifying the validity of electronic digital signatures of the document and viewing the external form of the electronic document).
Down appear to be inspired by the twin-towered gate-houses of earlier castles, and yet Eadie's detailed case studies point to how competing priorities of security, status-marking, and domesticity could still have major structural impacts on buildings which otherwise share a single, fairly strict, external form.
I fear that we might enter into a race focused on the external form of reviving the identity ", stressed Musai.
Change, though, cannot change the intrinsic human design and purpose, just their more external form.
While the external form is self-limiting, the internal form may lead to severe vision loss.
All of these buildings lie within a Conservation Area and their external form will continue to be protected.
We should not be led astray by the apparent simplicity of the external form of dialogue-dispute-agreement.
This work includes total or partial destruction, laying water, electricity, gas, telecommunication or road works, in addition to anything that might change the external form of heritage locations, its buildings or overturn its heritage layers," a source told local media.
It is interesting as it mirrors the unusual external form of the house.