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Breeding for resistance for ticks, flies and other external parasites is the most effective way to deal with them.
Different internal and external parasites were observed in broodstock fish along the rearing (Fig.
We occasionally see dogs that have been intentionally burned, starved or beaten, but more often than not the pets that are presented to us are malnourished, riddled with internal and external parasites and suffering from the consequences of existing in a dirty environment where health and hygiene are just not priorities.
The industry made a significant change for the better in parasite control in 1981 when Merck Animal Health (MSD Ag-Vet) introduced the new active ingredient ivermectin in various forms for the control of internal and external parasites.
Inspector General Forests at the Ministry of Climate Change, Syed Mahmood Nasir, besides Newcastle viral disease there are some other causes too that have led to deaths of the peacocks, such as: bacterial, protozoan diseases, international and external parasites as well as nutritional deficiency.
External Parasites of Small Ruminants: A Practical Guide to their Prevention and Control offers a guide to preventing and controlling ectoparasites that contribute to diseases in sheep and goats, and is a pick for goat and sheep herders, farmers, and veterinary collections alike.
External parasites of small ruminants; a practical guide to their prevention and control.
However, it is still used as an antiseptic in various parts of the world to combat the attack of external parasites and pathogens, fungi and bacteria, in fish.
Moreover, 12 hair samples from candidates of pigeon owner were checked for external parasites.
Captured moose appeared healthy and were without external parasites, although the carotid worm (Elaeophora schneideri) was identified in a bull moose that died accidentally in 2010.
Also, veterinary clinics implemented the spraying campaign at the ranches in September and November to get rid of external parasites that infect animals and cause transmission of disease, said Mohamed.
The documented external parasites of raptors include lice, feather mites, ticks, fleas, hippoboscid flies and fly larvae (Sohn & Noh 1994, Morishita et al.