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This creates an osmotic pressure difference, which makes the solvent go from the external phase to the internal phase and thus the droplet grows and can eventually break.
The residual noise measurement mode includes all the necessary functions to automatically measure noise on 2-port devices with an external phase shifter, either in RF or microwave frequencies.
Polyglycerol esters stabilize O/W formulations by decreasing the interfacial tension between the oil and the aqueous phase, and by increasing the viscosity of the external phase, thanks to the formation of a gel network.
The poor entrapment of the drug in the case of the microspheres prepared in batches 5 and 6 could be due to the loss of protein to the external phase.
The limiter signal is split in two and applied differentially to the lower transistors in the multiplier and to the upper transistors via the external phase shift capacitor.