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Each surfactant was dissolved in sea water and Diesel at a time, wherein 2 vol% surfactant concentration was added to an external phase (28 vol%) and then mixed for a one minute at 500 rpm at room temperature.
Effect of Ratio of Volume of Internal to External Phase. Volume ratio of internal to external phase as an independent variable did not have significant effect on size.
The mechanism of swelling of the emulsion droplets until their breakup occurs when the internal droplets nave a more concentrated solution than the continuous external phase. This creates an osmotic pressure difference, which makes the solvent go from the external phase to the internal phase and thus the droplet grows and can eventually break.
The poor entrapment of the drug in the case of the microspheres prepared in batches 5 and 6 could be due to the loss of protein to the external phase. Though there is no convincing explanation for this behaviour this may be because, the protein did not get precipitated completely during the emulsification process as the secondary emulsion step is omitted and the protein in the soluble form could have escaped into the continuous phase.
The receiver LO is provided by a VCO that uses a negative-resistance series feedback topology with potential for external phase locking.
The second phase involves an external aqueous isotropic phase of a surfactant, an external phase of a second topically active compound in addition to an optional solute.
The limiter signal is split in two and applied differentially to the lower transistors in the multiplier and to the upper transistors via the external phase shift capacitor.
Local balance is kept between external phases and the membrane itself.

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