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Comparative Evaluation of In Vitro Mechanical Properties of Different Designs of Epoxy Pin External Skeletal Fixation Systems.
External Skeletal fixation for stabilization of comminuted humeral fractures in cats.
It is incumbent on the orthopedic surgeon to be skilled in a variety of treatment methods including, closed functional cast bracing, external skeletal fixation, open reduction and internal fixation using indirect reduction techniques, intramedullary nailing.
In each bird, a 1-cm critical size defect (CSD) was created in the left ulna, and the fracture was stabilized with external skeletal fixation (ESF).
The fixation methods also varied widely between cortical fixation using bone or metal plates, intramedullary (IM) rods of different types, external skeletal fixation, and lastly external skeletal fixation augmented by IM rod.

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