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With externalized R&D collaboration on the rise in the life sciences, organizations are turning to the cloud as a secure, scalable, elastic environment for effectively connecting virtual teams and sharing data, information and knowledge," said Alan S.
In the Type One scenario, internal systems are externalized and, therefore, used by partners to enter data directly.
This matter of externalized costs can be applied to virtually every facet of our economy.
Two main factors, Externalized Problems (17 items) and Internalized Problems (10 items), were extracted by a factor analysis of the 27 items of this version of the questionnaire, explaining 62% of the total variance.
Wal-Mart, Target, Home Depot and other large retail companies have externalized their cost structure.
The problem of identity for Kennedy's She is an internal one albeit externalized by the metaphor of the owl conjoined with the mythic qualities of the fig tree.
If "Unrepentant Ego" confirmed that this closed-circuit system of self-reference is operative throughout the artist's production, it also made clear his allied impulse toward exteriority and openness, his engagement not just with his own identity but with the nature of identity itself, concretized in a manner that implicitly suggests a supplementary, externalized audience.
Unless a portion of the flap can be externalized, these flaps are difficult or impossible to monitor postoperatively.
Ellington argues that over the course of the sixteenth century, European piety changed from an externalized faith that valued devotional objects, such as relics, to an internalized focus that emphasized mental prayer, while maintaining the importance of the sacraments and some traditional popular practices.
And when it's clean up time, the costs are often externalized on the community that hosted the mine.
The attached storage devices form a pool and are externalized from the individual servers, allowing a large-scale storage subsystem to be shared among multiple host servers.