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Princeton Capital Corporation (formerly Regal One Corporation) is a closed-end and externally managed investment company.
One word of caution when selecting a roofer to install the new standing seam roof: Make sure that the roofer offers an effective externally baffled ridge venting system; not many standing seam roofers utilize one.
An externally accessible 5 x 20 mm standard fuse to protect the load contact.
Externally, MTNA now has enhanced visibility with the music industry and other music associations.
Apply this brand language both internally and externally.
Ethical activities are internally motivated but externally focused; the goal is to include consideration of all stakeholders and possible long range impacts in the decision-making process.
Gellert, who came to Canada from Germany in 1958, had worked at Husky until he left to start his own firm and pursue his idea of building an externally heated nozzle and runner system.
Externally rotate your right hip, taking care not to hyperextend the right knee, and tilt your belly and chest up toward the ceiling.
draws it toward the midline of the body) and externally rotates the humerus.
And there is evidence that under-pronators, who can develop an externally rotated tibia, are even more prone to injury.
This study investigated whether it was more beneficial to provide the learners in computer-based learning environments access to on demand (self-regulated) help after they committed an error in problem solving or for the learning environment to externally regulate the presentation of instructional help.
Boeing's migration from internally developed design and simulation software to commercially available software is based on a simple, basic criterion: When the features in the externally created software meet or exceed the internally developed software, when the accuracy from the externally developed software provides the answers Boeing demands, then it's time to switch.