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EXTERRITORIALITY. This term is used by French jurists to signify the immunity of certain persons, who, although in the state, are not amenable to its laws; foreign sovereigns, ambassadors, ministers plenipotentiary, and ministers from a foreign power, are of this class. Foelix, Droit Intern. Prive, liv. 2, tit. 2, c. 2, s. 4. See Ambassador; Conflict of Laws; Minister.

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The Latvian exterritorial mobilization system was complicated and demanded excessive railway transportation.
The creation and recreation of Portugal on the colonial frontier, much paraded in the annals of Portuguese universalism, became a familiar assimilationist expression of a pan-Lusitanian community (best captured in the Salazarist conception of an organic empire--constituted by the symbolic, structural, political, but exterritorial union between the metropolis and the colonies).
91) Section 1505 has neither a separate conspiracy provision nor an explicit exterritorial jurisdiction provision.
These theoretical considerations will then ground a discussion of specific hurdles to achieving multi-state responsibility for extraterritorial violations of economic and social rights, including marginalization of economic and social rights, exterritorial application of human rights law and multi-state responsibility.
37) Since 1834 the Order has been domiciled in Rome, where its headquarters, the Palazzo Malta, covers three acres, which has exterritorial status but is not sovereign territory.
An exasperated Col Ludlow wrote: 'In view of the greatest crisis in our country's history since Waterloo, mayI make an earnest appeal to all exterritorial officers, non-commissioned officers and men to join the Territorial Reserve (Sec 7, Territorial Force Act, 1907) which hitherto has been a complete failure?
The majority of the Supreme Court rejected the position strenuously advanced by Justice Scalia that considerations of comity required the Sherman Act be construed to apply only to behavior occurring within the physical confines of the United States and, instead, endorsed the Sherman Act's exterritorial reach.
The European Commission now must make efforts to shed light on the current situation, as well as resist the exterritorial effect of new US penalties.
The IMA's plea was rejected on the ground that the "Economic Plan" was exterritorial to the no-strike arbitration agreement.