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Labe problematizes her image with the ashes still smoldering, glowing with the hint of enduring passion even after the death of the body, extinguishable only by the lover's tears.
When asked to state the nature of the right being asserted and for which a declaration was being sought, counsel for the appellants described it as "an interest which is a burden on the title of the Crown; an interest which is usufructuary in nature; a tribal interest inalienable except to the Crown and extinguishable only by legislative enactment of the Parliament of Canada.
4) As extinguishable entities, these Jewish corpores assume a didactic power that modulates this anti-Semitic homily with a condemnation of Roman imperialism: the disciplined bodies are on display, creating a collective image that teaches its audience both the vengeance of God and the cruelty of Roman imperial siege-craft.