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Fire can be controlled or extinguished, either manually (firefighting) or automatically.
BEIRUT: Civil Defense units in Akkar extinguished two separate fires in north Lebanon Monday, the NNA reported.
Summarizing the results of the drills, Sergey Bashkatov, chief specialist of the Fire Safety Division of the Occupational, Industrial, Fire, and Environmental Safety Department of Transneft, remarked that the programme of the drills was fulfilled, the personnel of Chernomortransneft and members of the fire fighting crew successfully extinguished the imaginary fire within the regulatory time limit.
He said: "We would like to ask people to make sure that their barbecue is fully extinguished after use.
A North Wales Fire and Rescue Service spokeswoman said they extinguished the small blaze.
"All of the fires were officially extinguished as of midnight," police spokesman Mickey Rosenfeld said.
We hope that the fire in Haifa would be extinguished soon".
The Ministry reports of further work on cooling of tanks with fuel which are located around tank No 140 where the fire had been extinguished today.
* Equity instruments are measured at either their fair value or the fair value of the financial liability extinguished, whichever is more reliably determinable; and
A family of four escaped unhurt from their Barry home early today after an extinguished tea light re-ignited and fire gutted the living room.
Even when a bakery is open and manned it is extremely difficult to tackle such fires: once alight, plastic trays become molten liquid which cannot be extinguished with water.
It chronicles the bravery of firefighters from Baltimore, Pennsylvania, Washington, DC and New York City who rushed to the blaze, sometimes in frigid, unheated railroad cars, and whose heroic efforts finally extinguished the fire, miraculously without the loss of life.