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donaciformis, fawn foot), and one Ohio species of concern (P sintoxia, round pigtoe) were found only as extirpated specimens.
On the other hand, our results do imply that this population of invasive snails is, if not extirpated, at least reduced to a relatively low abundance.
Topeka shiner status for all HUC10 watersheds within its historic range in west-central Iowa (as indicated by presence in the historic database) was classified as increasing, stable, at risk, or possibly extirpated.
We included those species previously listed as extirpated in Illinois, those that had not been previously listed as extant in a particular drainage, and those that had been listed as extirpated in a specific drainage.
14] extirpated a polyp of an "unusual size" of 8x5 cm by removing antral portion of the polyp applying the Caldwell-Luc procedure, and the epipharyngeal portion was extirpated by using forceps, through oropharynx.
Recently, the populations within the Black Warrior were considered extirpated (Boschung and Mayden 2004).
American pikas have been extirpated from some of their previously occupied sites in the West, as have shadow chipmunks, which are in decline in California's Yosemite National Park.
As to the ongoing operations in Mount Chmbi, the minister said "military and security operations will continue until all terrorists holed up in the mountain will be extirpated.
Their topics include zooarchaeological evidence for sandhill crane (Grus canadensis) breeding in northwestern Washington State; archaeological freshwater mussel remains and their use in the conservation of an imperiled fauna; the overkill hypothesis and conservation biology; paleozoological stable isotope data for modern management of historically extirpated Missouri black bears; and the past, present, and future of small terrestrial mammals in human diets.
Although cougars (Puma concolor) were extirpated from much of Midwestern North America around 1900, hard evidence of cougar presence has increased and populations have become established in the upper portions of the Midwest during the past 20 years," authors of the study titled Cougars Are Recolonizing The Midwest: Analysis Of Cougar Confirmations During 1990-2008 said.
If something is extirpated, what has become the oldest actor to win an Oscar?
Galapagos hawks (Buteo galapagoensis), the only endemic, diurnal raptor species in Galapagos, are currently distributed on 8 Galapagos Islands having been extirpated from 3 of the human-inhabited islands.