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herberti and thus might allow for recolonization of areas where populations have been extirpated, or provide the genetic diversity necessary for small extant populations to avoid extinction altogether.
This population was probably extirpated as the result of completion and filling of the Navajo Reservoir in 1962.
Our checklist includes species currently residing within the state's boundaries that were present when Europeans first arrived, as well as introduced, extirpated (including extirpated and reintroduced), and exotic species.
Galapagos hawks (Buteo galapagoensis), the only endemic, diurnal raptor species in Galapagos, are currently distributed on 8 Galapagos Islands having been extirpated from 3 of the human-inhabited islands.
Some species have expanded their range (Lampsilis cardium--Plain pocketbook, Quadrula quadrula--Maple leaf, and Ligumia recta-Black sandshell) while others (Strophitus undulates--Creeper and Potamilus ohiensis--Pink papershell) look to have been extirpated from areas they used to inhabit.
Northern quolls in some areas have been extirpated," Woinarksi says.
Excessive hunting, for instance, effectively extirpated wolves, mountain lions, and other large carnivores from Yellowstone National Park.
The gray wolf, extirpated by hunters in the Yellowstone region some 90 years ago, is now thriving there in the wake of a controversial reintroduction program initiated in 1995, when the National Park Service released 31 gray wolves into the park's expansive backcountry.
Eastern elk were common in Kentucky back in the days of Daniel Boone, but by the mid-1800s they had been extirpated amid a flood of European settlement and habitat destruction.
Of the 80 historical species known to inhabit the state, 19 are extirpated from Illinois, 16 are state-endangered, eight are state-threatened, and only 22 are considered to have relatively stable populations within Illinois (DeWalt et al.
This profile must have been written by the president of the "CC`s Brew Crew", because it claimed that the hurler had "single-handedly fixed the Miller Park roof, extirpated the zebra mussels from Lake Michigan, and solved the city's unemployment problem.
The list is perpetually changing, the numbers almost always vary, but the amount of species that are extinct, extirpated, endangered, threatened or vulnerable is always in the hundreds.