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The extirpation of the Topanga Creek subpopulation is consistent with the range contraction observed throughout the DPS, where Boughton et al.
The mean operating time of <4 hours for tumor extirpation and PMF reconstruction underscores the efficiency of using this flap.
First, that people often cause wildlife extirpation or even extinction, such as by killing livestock predators; and second, that wildlife imposes substantial damage to people, particularly poor people in rural areas of the tropics, as a result of these same conflicts.
1991) described the similar extirpation of two cyprinid species, Macrhybopsis aestivalis and Notropis potteri, upstream from an impoundment of the North Fork of the Red River, Oklahoma.
In the North Cascades, wolves, grizzlies, wolverine, lynx, and fisher were present historically; but in the last two decades all have either disappeared or loom perilously close to extirpation.
Regardless of cause, current status of the swift fox in Texas warrants increased research and management efforts if extirpation is to be avoided.
The causes may vary in some cases, but by and large it is incidental mortality by commercial fisheries that is driving most albatross populations to extirpation or extinction.
Local disease may displace, compress, or invade the cervical trachea and the great vessels in the neck, making surgical extirpation difficult.
The main reasons for their extirpation are habitat loss, habitat fragmentation, and the introduction of the Indian mongoose (Herpestes auropunctatus), a mammalian predator.
The raptor's stunning comeback represents the return of an endangered species many thought would follow Pennsylvania's peregrine falcons into extirpation.
Loggerhead Shrikes (Lanius ludovicianus) and Say's Phoebes (Snyornis saya), however, have both shown substantial decreases during the study, and their extirpation from the area may be imminent.
It also entails the non-recognition and extirpation of social divisions among the subject population.