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If necessary, the only mortal method that is currently acceptable is extirpation. The procedure can be performed if extirpation under local anesthesia is infeasible due to an allergy to anesthetic agents, blood coagulation disorders, such as hemophilia, or lack of technical means to completely remove the pulp from the tooth cavity [11].
The condition of right eye was so serious that extirpation was the ultimate choice of treatment.
The patients were instructed to definitively rate any discomfort or pain during access preparation and pulp extirpation by using a Heft-Parker 10- cm VAS (Fig 1).
Overhunting or extirpation of elk followed the westward movement of European settlers (van Wormer 1969).
Similarly pulp vitality and the timing of pulp extirpation were examined in relation to apical status.
First, that people often cause wildlife extirpation or even extinction, such as by killing livestock predators; and second, that wildlife imposes substantial damage to people, particularly poor people in rural areas of the tropics, as a result of these same conflicts.
Gathering popular momentum in the years to come, it would lead in little more than a century to the extirpation of legal slavery everywhere in the hemisphere.
His program for reform, coming after the concluding session of the Council of Trent, included the following: reform of the clergy, extirpation of heresy, care of the poor, and conversion of Jews, Turks, and other non-Christians.
The most apparent consequences have been epizootics resulting in massive dieoffs of rodents, at times leading to local extirpation of highly susceptible species (Lechleitner et al.
In an essay on "Extirpation and Excommunication" he contends that there were "stronger elements of order and cohesion than is usually allowed" (1).