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In the following section, extirpation, ablation, and lesion tend to be used synonymously.
First, as has been shown, Wolfe's game-of-Russian-roulette analogy applies both to the Twitmyer-Pavlov priority conflict and to Flourens being the "father" of the experimental brain extirpation method.
Clear instances of its extirpation and subsequent replacement--directly or indirectly--by the non-native eastern fox squirrel are now well documented (e.g., Muchlinski et al.
Areas of recent extirpation (or near-extirpation, where S.
Low productivity like that in Illinois would likely lead to extirpation of the insular sparrow population.
If individuals in urban colonies have reduced fitness due to lower intake of energy, adding negative effects of habitat fragmentation may increase chances of extirpation for these populations.
Extirpations of native fish from the Albuquerque and Belen valleys occurred in two periods and primarily involved fluvial fishes.
Synergism of increasing dominance by nonnative fishes and changing environmental conditions seems most likely to cause future extirpations of native fishes in the Albuquerque and Belen valleys.
The per capita extirpation rates (E) were calculated similarly, except that in the place of immigration events we summed extirpation events.
On the other hand, because per capita extirpation (E) and imigration rates (I) are ratios, their time series were modelled as sequences of Gaussian variables described by two parameters (means and variances).
The prevalence of pulpal extirpation was also determined and the data recorded in the database.
The splinting times and pulp extirpation prevalence are summarised.