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Was Flourens, the "Father" of the Extirpation Method?
In the following section, extirpation, ablation, and lesion tend to be used synonymously.
Clear instances of its extirpation and subsequent replacement--directly or indirectly--by the non-native eastern fox squirrel are now well documented (e.
Areas of recent extirpation (or near-extirpation, where S.
On the other hand, because per capita extirpation (E) and imigration rates (I) are ratios, their time series were modelled as sequences of Gaussian variables described by two parameters (means and variances).
Changes in the per capita extirpation rates were very similar to those in immigration rates (Fig.
The splinting times and pulp extirpation prevalence are summarised.
Splinting prevalence and duration along with prevalence of pulp extirpation are summarised for each injury type.
No other species exhibited this pattern of local extirpation over several years followed by re-establishment.
Low productivity like that in Illinois would likely lead to extirpation of the insular sparrow population.
This phenomenon could lead to differences in reproductive success in colonies of urban and rural landscapes, ultimately leading to extirpation events of urban populations.
Only one of the missing natives (Rio Grande chub) and one of the missing extra-drainage nonnatives (black bullhead) were present in 1984, indicating that most extirpations and failed introductions occurred prior to then.