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Background: Renal extirpative surgery (RES) for benign and malignant conditions may be performed as total or partial nephrectomy, accomplished in an open (O) or laparoscopic (L) fashion.
Our experience supports the idea of complete extirpative surgery as definitive, and we do not advocate radical procedures.
While most patients who fail primary radiation therapy will receive palliative hormonal therapy, there is a subset with persistent/recurrent cancer in the prostate only who may benefit from salvage extirpative or ablative local therapy.
1,2) Recurrence is the detection of disease more than 3 months after successful extirpative therapy.
The TDAP flap is dissected with the patient in the decubitus position, creating an additional step to change operative position, and separates extirpative and reconstructive stages.
First, 20-30% of SRM are benign and would not need active treatment if one would be able to accurately and reliably characterize them without extirpative surgery.
Endometriosis cannot be cured without radical extirpative surgery.
Defects of the soft palate often occur after extirpative procedures are performed to treat oropharyngeal cancers.
69) In patients diagnosed with prostatic stromal invasion, conservative therapy with BCG should not be attempted; extirpative surgery with radical cystectomy [+ or -] urethrectomy should be considered (Level of Evidence 2).