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To employ an anachronistic image, at times the religiosity that was to be eradicated from the Indian parishes was, to its mid-colonial extirpators, something like the creature of Frankenstein.
The image of the extirpators leaving the familiar order of the resettled villages is an important one.
The seventeenth-century extirpators learned much about the persistence of religious, social and economic connections between the people and the surrounding landscape in the Lima region.
The actions of the extirpators in these instances from Canta and Chancay in the early 1660s suggest a number of questions.
Vicho Rinri's fall into the ravine, like the destruction of other gods, was meant by the extirpators to be a finalizing event, a resolution.
Perhaps the ceremonial reconsecrations by the extirpators of Andean sacred sites were even some extirpators' expressions of ultimate failure - acts of giving in, but with some dignity.