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The contract allows Extol to be appointed as the sole distributor of CEMAS's vibration and hybrid vibration welding machines in the United States and Canada.
6 April 2016 - US-based data communication and integration solutions provider Cleo has acquired US-based data transformation and software integration solutions firm Extol International, the company said.
8220;This partnership with Extol extends Primeur's solutions into the B2B market.
The writer extols the many virtues of a "good wife"
They extol free enterprise and at various points attack "parasites" who live off the welfare state.
One of the latest such vans to hit the streets is from Daihatsu and is called the Extol.
I thought it was the height of irony that a magazine could call itself The Progressive, extol Kucinich as the most progressive candidate, and yet refuse to grant him decent coverage.
THE days of the legendary Hijet micro van are numbered following the launch of Daihatsu's Extol compact van which goes on sale in January at pounds 6,995 (excluding VAT).
Colombia's federation of coffee growers, which uses the well-known advertising character and his mule Conchita to extol the virtues of Colombian coffee, plans to launch an international chain of 'Juan Valdez' coffee shops to fight for the lucrative high-end retail market.
Ads on television and in health-food stores extol the benefits of antioxidant vitamins, but they don't mention that cancerous tissues may depend even more than healthy ones on access to antioxidants.