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Mr Chester, having extolled his favourite author, as above recited, took up the book again in the excess of his admiration and was composing himself for a further perusal of its sublime morality, when he was disturbed by a noise at the outer door; occasioned as it seemed by the endeavours of his servant to obstruct the entrance of some unwelcome visitor.
said this Gowan, when Arthur had extolled the place.
Winkle to take this step can never be too highly appreciated or too warmly extolled.
They were at home in such good time that Kit had rubbed down the pony and made him as spruce as a race-horse, before Mr Garland came down to breakfast; which punctual and industrious conduct the old lady, and the old gentleman, and Mr Abel, highly extolled.
Summary: King Mohammed VI of Morocco called for promoting the lofty values of justice and equality extolled in the message of the Prophet Mohamed.
Love, Joy and Peace, Patience, Kindness and Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self-Control are all extolled as precious virtues to cultivate in God's eyes, as revealed in quotes from holy scripture.
Twice the crowd flocked to a meeting hosted by city officials a month earlier, when officials extolled cityhood's merits and vowed to continue their $6 million fight to scale down the mine.
Their potential benefits have been extolled by everyone from Rupert Murdoch to Kofi Annan.
For centuries music has provided sailors and passengers alike with inspiration and consolation for sea trials: the shanty lightened repetitive tasks, composers extolled the virtues of the ocean, and passengers reflected on their journey.