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AaAaAa The monarch also stressed that this occasion "is a propitious time which prompts us to meditate on the lofty values extolled in the message of the Prophet Mohamad and think about the multiple meanings it conveys.
Twice the crowd flocked to a meeting hosted by city officials a month earlier, when officials extolled cityhood's merits and vowed to continue their $6 million fight to scale down the mine.
Their potential benefits have been extolled by everyone from Rupert Murdoch to Kofi Annan.
For centuries music has provided sailors and passengers alike with inspiration and consolation for sea trials: the shanty lightened repetitive tasks, composers extolled the virtues of the ocean, and passengers reflected on their journey.
ENI)--Queen Elizabeth II extolled the unique role of the Christian church in the search for meaning in the modern world when she opened the Church of England's recent general synod in London.
The October 26 Christian Science Monitor extolled Finland for boasting both "a thriving hi-tech economy ranked most competitive in the world" and "a welfare state that has created one of the globe's most egalitarian societies.
Unfortunately, the authors do not make much mention of the parallel development of social assistance programs, particularly for poor women, and of the way these programs undermined the principles of universality and inclusiveness which the social reformers of the late 19th-century extolled, and which many social policy scholars today still regard as of vital importance in income maintenance.
They are indoctrinated into the virtues extolled by the American Dream--honesty, hard work, competence, social justice, and modesty.