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I wonder if there is a modern (female) writer who might extol the virtues of a good husband and father.
Though Freeing Celibacy extols the gifts of the spirit that voluntary celibacy can bring, Cozzens surveys the history of married priests in centuries past, clergy sexual abuse scandals and the rapidly declining number of priests today, and concludes that it is time to set celibacy free from canonical mandate to become a graced way of life for some but not all of the church's ordained ministers.
Using ritualistic folk dance and Christian iconography, the piece extols the human ability to unify and heal.
In this tenth-anniversary edition of Emotional Intelligence, Goldman provides a lengthy foreword that extols the wide-ranging application of his research.
Masterson extols the amendment's recommendation of an additional $10 million to the number of procurement center representatives, which he says will help small business owners deal with the adverse impact of contract bundling.
A moving and emotionally profound testimony that extols the greatness of the world beyond the self and the realm of man-made things.
00), which extols the virtues of some ancient and historical wonders in virtually every state.