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In the only decision nationwide to allow alienation of a child's affections (other than South Dakota), Washington summarized the majority of arguments against the action as including: (1) lack of authority or precedent; (2) fear of a flood of litigation; (3) inapplicability of consortium to the parent-child relationship and difficulty in determining when that right, if acknowledged, would cease; (4) possible extortionary use of the action; and (5) impossibility of measuring damages.
for crane cases, a familiar scenario for extortionary uses of ownership
As their superior officers keep rotating while these lower ranking officials remain entrenched almost semi-permanently in their positions they create deep seated fears among those who wish to complain against their high handedness and extortionary practices.
The Obama administration rightly rejected the demands of the Zardari government, which wanted to charge an extortionary $5,000 per truck to reopen the supply route.
These airlines and their appointed travel agencies are specifically targeting Hajj/Umrah pilgrims and force them to pay extortionary prices for their airline tickets compared to travelling the same distance to any other destination in the world," the statement said.
Perhaps most important, fair trade involves buying from farmers directly, eliminating the extortionary middlemen.
Far from being instruments for increasing economic rationality, the merchant guilds were, as she shows, rent-seeking and extortionary monopolists who sought the good of their own members at the expense of their societies and even of other guilds.
192) In light of the tension that can arise between domestic violence victims and the criminal justice system, conditioning CVC funds on law enforcement cooperation seems extortionary.