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Earthquake alert: Japanese iPhone users would pay extortionately for a reliable, multi-lingual and diversely informative early warning system.
In the current economic climate we surely cannot afford yet another extortionately expensive exercise.
Minor procedures shouldn't have to be paid for in advance and shouldn't be extortionately charged as was so obvious in my case.
I have to admit that I'm better off than most, being blessed with having my children's grandparents to help out on a regular basis, and I am thankful to them, but a lot of women aren't so lucky and, with the cost of childcare being so extortionately high, it's no wonder that many ambitious, talented and driven women are forced to quite simply give up.
Which is why before he starts screaming for McDonald's to be banned, he ought to take a look at his own Duchy Originals food range, which not only nets millions of pounds of profit every year and is extortionately pricey (having said that, his streaky bacon is the best I've ever tasted) but many of HIS products are full of fat too.
Petrol, which everybody accepts has risen extortionately, cost more than 81p a litre.
Baskes has his sights squarely on the conventional historiographical wisdom that the repartimiento not only facilitated the cochineal industry, but more generally forced reluctant indigenous peasants into colonial market relations which they preferred to avoid, for the sake of extortionately high profits garnered by official and mercantile middlemen.
The debts they have to repay are between fifteen and eighteen thousand dollars but they may be constantly increased as a result of imagined or extortionately priced services provided by the trafficker to the women.
In addition, the Government then imposes extortionately high business rates - pounds 28,000 a year in my case.
traditions but was only interested in sticking a meter on a free resource and billing its users extortionately.