extra compensation

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For businesses, NWHs mean additional operational costs in terms of extra compensation for employees who are obliged to work on those days to meet production schedules or avoid the disruption of commercial activities.
Your adviser may earn extra compensation for pushing them, and they can have higher costs or worse performance than competing funds.
They will have saved huge sums in extra compensation in heavy individual lawsuits if the manufacturer, the operator and regulator are absolved of any acts of omission or commission.
Most game developers in the US do not receive extra compensation for extra hours.
2bn half-year loss after booking extra compensation costs for mis-selling payment protection insurance (PPI) and taking a PS2.
It is mutually agreed and acknowledged that the Contractor has included cost to remedy all deficient items in his proposal and he will be responsible for satisfactory functioning of the equipment without extra compensation.
Five judges said she should receive extra compensation and be reinstated.
There is an extra compensation for wellness exams and chronic care management amounting to potentially more than $100,000 per primary care physician per year.
But the university understood that the coverage also extended to lesser incentive bonuses for team performances that didn't rise to those maximum levels but still warranted extra compensation for coaches, its lawsuit says.
However, distributors may alternatively offer one-time-only payments to obtain permanent rights to keep pylons on the land, which many landowners may accept without realising how much extra compensation they are entitled to.
The Association of British Insurers welcomed the judgement, saying the bill would have seen increased insurance premiums for Welsh businesses but no extra compensation for mesothelioma sufferers.
On what moral or legal grounds was the government squandering the taxpayer's money on extra compensation for this group as well as covering the holes in the provident fund?