extra compensation

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It cited Item 4 of the COA circular issued in April 1985, which limits a government employee's 'extra compensation' equivalent to '50 per centum of his annual salary.'
A Failure To Comply With This Requirement Does Not Constitute Grounds For Extra Compensation Over The Pricing Stated In The Bidders Proposal.
We gathered our people around, and I told them flat-out: listen, there won't be any extra compensation. This is a great, once-in-a-lifetime project we are involved in.
So as long as he does not receive any extra compensation, we have to remain philosophical about it."
Many of the Railtrack shareholders who demanded extra compensation from the Government were ordinary railway employees given shares by their employer.
The outcome yesterday, after a two-day hearing, will mean the monks will now have to make an extra compensation payment which will be calculated over the next two weeks.
Summary: Drivers can get extra compensation if they encounter some trouble and they need a taxi to complete their trip
At the outset, the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) expressed its disagreement to the reduction of the tax bite on this extra compensation aimed at adding more cheer to the Christmas season.
The Commission on Audit (COA) is standing pat on its decision disallowing the extra compensation, bonuses and allowances that officials and employees of the Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) and the Philippine Health Insurance Corp.
Gordon Brown yesterday praised the rural community for its "patience and forbearance" and announced extra compensation for farmers affected by the disease.
Alcala also sat on the boards of 10 other government-owned and controlled corporations but with no extra compensation. Placing third was Public Works Secretary Rogelio Singson, who was paid P2.216 million, including discretionary funds and EMEs amounting to P308,280.05.
Gordon Brown praised the rural community for its "patience and forbearance" and announced extra compensation for farmers.