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The review of the literature revealed that the surgical options for mycotic aneurysms included in situ reconstruction, extra-anatomic bypass, and endovascular stent repair.
For frankly infected grafts, surgical explantation with in situ reconstruction, or extra-anatomic bypass for high-risk patients has been shown to be feasible [8].
Unstable patients might benefit from stent graft (Level 4, Recommendation C); stable patients with aortoenteric fistula should receive staged procedure with extra-anatomic bypass first (Level 2c, Recommendation B); and finally stable patients without aortoenteric fistula (patients that do not have direct communication between proximal anastomosis and bowel but infected paraanastomotic sinus) should receive in situ revascularization using autogenous superficial femoral vein or aortoiliac allograft (Level 2c, Recommendation C) (2).