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The bioactive compounds extraction from natural resources has attracted scientists because of the growing demand for functional ingredients achieved through natural procedures, as functional foods consumers are greatly interested [3].
The most common cause for the extraction of primary teeth in pediatric patients was dental caries.
Invent Biotechnologies' Minute[TM] Protein Extraction Kits give fast, consistent results with high protein yield.
Advanced dental caries was the leading cause of tooth extraction (n=743; 63.
2] extraction for several medical and pharmaceutical companies.
Response surface methodology (RSM) was used to develop a model for optimal extraction conditions, and the practical application of the fitted model is discussed in this paper.
In west Europe, butadiene extraction units will be required to run at high rates to supply slowly growing domestic demand and take advantage of high netback export sales where possible.
In short, a patient receiving radiation therapy for head and neck cancer who presents with normally treatable dental disease (if it were in the healthy individual) but who demonstrates poor oral hygiene history requires dental extraction rather than attempts to restore or retain teeth.
Localized pockets of contamination were not identified when analyzing the whole board using standard extraction techniques.
CEM is the leading supplier of microwave extraction equipment with 40% of the total market.
With his team of three graduate students, Alfantazi hopes to generate new knowledge to reduce costs and improve recovery in extraction techniques to develop laterite and sulfide ore bodies, the former being the most abundant sources of nickel deposits in the world.
Although different techniques are used for information extraction and knowledge discovery--as described by Cowie and Lehnert (1996), Gaizauskas and Wilks (1998), and Vickery (1997)--template mining is probably the oldest information extraction technique.