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They feared this extralegal, supralegal, and consolidated power because they knew from English history that such power could evade the law and override all legal rights.
In this article, we stay clear of such assumptions and reflect on state formation by adopting a political economy approach to exploring the persistence and pervasiveness of extralegal economies vis-a-vis intrusive international attempts at building a functioning market economy.
Despite the novel's historically grounded cynicism, African American characters repeatedly respond to extralegal violence with the hope that "De gov'ner er de President is gwine ter sen' soldiers ter stop dese gwines-on" (300).
Indeed, the legal aspects of the development of the right to truth must be supplemented with its extralegal, multidisciplinary components, as illustrated by the 1993 Catholic Institute for International Relations (CIIR) Conference.
In his book, however, de Soto mentions how in the United States legislation had, in order to integrate the extralegal population, to remedy the perceived inadequacies of inherited English common law doctrines.
They also would help develop a richer understanding of the consequences of extralegal violence beyond the black/white paradigm that dominates much of the retelling of this country's racial history.
They decided, by 1901, that legal provisions were safer and more reliable than the extralegal measures on which they had been relying.
The author's central thesis is not only that African Americans owned property in informal, extralegal ways, but also that the very nature of their property ownership offers insight into intricate social relationships and overlapping kin networks.
2) Early in the morning of 17 May 1929 he became the victim of the state's well-established tradition of extralegal violence, more commonly referred to as lynching, and his death became part of a larger story of the frequency with which Americans brutally inflicted what they called justice on the bodies of the powerless.
As strikers increasingly turned to extralegal means out of frustration with the duration of the strike, Pittston turned to the courts for relief in the use of injunctions and large fines against the union.
The first is to add to the extensive scholarly literature on the effects of legal and extralegal variables on police actions.
Despite concerns about human rights violations by groups acting as extralegal law enforcement outfits, local authorities have failed to prosecute any of the ranchers.