extramarital relations

See: adultery
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Duterte's obsession with sex, women and extramarital relations oozes out unbidden.
Sustaining such relationships requires women to enter into a patriarchal bargain; they will remain silent about their male partners' HIV status, extramarital relations, physical abuse, and failure to provide for the family.
Even if not all forms of extramarital relations are punishable under the penal laws, sexual relations outside marriage is considered disgraceful and immoral and indicative of an extremely low regard for the fundamental ethics of his profession.
Some 95 per cent of girls and 50 per cent of women imprisoned in Afghanistan were accused of 'moral crimes' like running away from home or 'zina' - extramarital relations, according to a report from Human Rights Watch.
The bill, as introduced, would allow people who hold the religious belief that marriage should be limited to a man and a woman, or that extramarital relations are sinful, to ignore laws that conflict with that belief.
In spite of the fact that they are married, western men enjoy extramarital relations with a number of women.
Parliamentarians noted that criminalization of extramarital relations constitutes a violation of individual privacy rights, while the bill's prohibition of polygamy is redundant, as existing statutes already deem the practice illegal.
Yet despite this outward show of unity, the two Nicolsons continued to pursue their own love lives apart: while Harold indulged in his own extramarital relations with young men, Vita continued with her series of new "muddles" which proliferated to the extent that it becomes genuinely hard to keep her lovers straight while reading Dennison's biography.
The team of FBI lawyers and agents was led by Ken Starr who was investigating Clinton for various issues including his extramarital relations, as told by CNN.
Police said, in the area of Islam Pura, a government official namely Hafiz Rasheed (52) shot himself after killing her daughter Sabeen on the suspicion of extramarital relations.
The bishop said the bishops' conference takes the position that in countries where contraceptives are widely distributed, their use encourages premarital sex, extramarital relations and other such occurrences that "undermine the good of the family.
Arync also warned against extramarital relations, saying they are a threat to society and individuals.