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Unfortunately, regardless of abundant research asserting that seductive details are deleterious because they engender extraneous overload, results are yet inconclusive and hence no definite pragmatic solution has been found.
Complaints stated that extraneous material, specifically pieces of bone, were found within the product.
So, the possibility of involvement of extraneous factors in causing damage to the track cannot be ruled out," said a source in the railway ministry.
By contrast, extraneous cognitive load effectively reflects wasted cognitive load generated by poor instructional design.
The Senate parliamentarian is in charge of deciding whether a proposed budget measure provision is extraneous.
The AGP observed that the officers at times, attempt to bring the extraneous influences in respect of service matters, such as posting, transfer, deputation etc.
Key words: Extraneous roots, Geometry of Extraneous Roots, x Intercepts
FA CHAIRMAN David Bernstein has refused to discuss the absence of Rio Ferdinand, claiming England did not want to get sidetracked by "historical, extraneous issues".
While previous approaches required storage and processing of pulse-height spectrum data, SRaDS relies on Bayesian model-based statistical algorithms that automatically reject extraneous and non- targeted photons during the identification process.
The FluoRaptor, new from Key Technology, is a fluorescencesensing laser sorter designed to maximize the detection and removal of defects, extraneous vegetable matter and foreign material based on differing levels of chlorophyll as well as color, size, and shape.
Chapters address how to free oneself from the trap of identifying oneself through one's possessions, how to exercise appropriate restraint when buying new stuff, means of disposing or even profiting from extraneous stuff, humorous anecdotes, and much more.
Many of the young adults interviewed cited various extraneous influences that caused them to stop attending Mass.