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These sensors detect extremely subtle color differences and submillimeter characteristics to identify a wide range of product defects, foreign materials and extraneous vegetative matter.
'I find that there were extraneous sources that could be relied on to determine the majority support, and the first defendant can reasonably rely on the six statutory declarations to determine the loss of majority,' she said.
These equivocations are of particular concern because the guard goes into great detail when providing an equivocations-free description of his conversation with his coworker--a conversation that was essentially extraneous to the initial question asked by the investigator.
Unfortunately, regardless of abundant research asserting that seductive details are deleterious because they engender extraneous overload, results are yet inconclusive and hence no definite pragmatic solution has been found.
(9) Therefore, Smotherman moved for a new trial on the basis of extraneous juror research.
In addition to the large psychic bill and Dukes' giving investigators a phone whose identification number did not match the one they had requested, other "extraneous acts" include Dukes' being recorded absent for more than half of roll calls taken during the 2017 legislative session, the Statesman reported.
Considering that the labor force migration, as well as free circulation of the European citizens within the communitarian space represents both rights and phenomena more and more outlined, the incidence of the successions with extraneous elements is higher and higher.
So, the possibility of involvement of extraneous factors in causing damage to the track cannot be ruled out," said a source in the railway ministry.
By contrast, extraneous cognitive load effectively reflects wasted cognitive load generated by poor instructional design.
distinct risk of introducing extraneous information given the wealth of
The Senate parliamentarian is in charge of deciding whether a proposed budget measure provision is extraneous. The current Senate parliamentarian is Elizabeth MacDonough.
Extraneous interference, it was felt, needs to be eliminated if the police was to deliver on its assigned mandate.