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Dube is a New Testament scholar at the University of Botswana and professor extraordinarius at the University of South Africa, Department of Biblical and Ancient Studies.
ojsuensis Zone has been correlated with the global Metabolograptus extraordinarius Biozone (Sennikov et al.
Poterit tamen Congressus extra ordinem convocatus ipsum revocare: et tam ordinarius quam extraordinarius Congressus, speciatim si radones suspensionis regiminis Praelati non necessario perpetuae aestimari valeant, Consilio Generali pleno facultatem delegare ut ex morali unanimitate Praelati regimen, revocato Vicario auxilian, instaurare possit; quae Sanctae Sedi communicentur>> (Statuta, n.
Tal vez seria dable pensar que, al igual que sucede en las cartas que Ciceron escribe desde el exilio, donde llamativamente se omite mencionar exempla de exiliados anteriores, la relativa ausencia de exempla en este grupo de cartas podria constituir una estrategia que apunta a senalar el caracter nouus, extraordinarius de su gobernacion.
Malan, Celliers een aanstelling als professor extraordinarius in de Hollands-Afrikaanse letterkunde en de letterkundige esthetiek aan de Universiteit van Stellenbosch.
A couple of years after Bonsdorff's dipterology, Anders Johan Malmgren--later professor extraordinarius, inspector of fishing, and finally governor of Oulu--published his ichthyological thesis Kritisk ofversigt af Finlands Fisk-fauna (Malmgren 1863).
It may not be so obvious that the participation of Roth (born 1823; since 1848 extraordinarius and from 1856 ordinarius at Tubingen), whose name was to figure next to Bohtlingk's on the title page, was secured only indirectly, via "our common friend" Albrecht Weber (born 1825; at this time still four years away from an extraordinariat in Berlin) (p.
6) (He had been Professor der Poesie extraordinarius since 1730, but this appointment carried no regular salary.
Moralists have always taken into account the element of expense (sumptus extraordinarius, media pretiosa, media exquisita).
Schapira was a Lithuanian rabbi who underwent an unlikely mid-life career shift: after a time as a rosh yeshivah, he became interested in secular studies, decided to concentrate on mathematics, and eventually became an extraordinarius professor at the University of Heidelberg.
2000) reported the occurrence of only one conodont species, Amorphognathus ordovicicus from the Normalograptus extraordinarius Zone at the Wangjiawan North section.

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