extraordinary writ

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The court's rules recognize this high burden, and "issuance by the Court of an extraordinary writ authorized by 28 U.
Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit on behalf of Murray Energy, the largest underground coal mining company in America The petition asks the court to issue an extraordinary writ because the text of the Clean Air Act (CAA) "unambiguously prohibits" the EPA's proposal.
32) Major Goldsmith then filed an extraordinary writ to the CAAF, appealing the AFCCA's decision and making the additional argument that being dropped from the rolls violated the double jeopardy and ex post facto prohibitions.
A defendant may not utilize the extraordinary writ of quo warranto as a postconviction safety net to challenge the authority of the prosecuting authority or judge when the outcome of the trial was not as he expected or hoped for.
I guess what they were requesting was an extraordinary writ of mandate, where the city makes the case (that) the trial judge made a mistake and issue a stay order.
370(c) 47-1 Clarifies that amicus briefs are permitted in extraordinary writ proceedings.
The justices concluded: "We reiterate that in the future we will dismiss all extraordinary writ petitions, regardless of how they are designated, in which the petition requests that this court review a district court's denial of a request for a written opinion made pursuant to Rule 9.
Unlike defense counsel who can only interlocutory challenge an adverse ruling with the appellate courts through an extraordinary writ, Government counsel have direct access to the appellate courts for certain adverse rulings through Article 62, UCMJ.
28) The only way to determine whether a particular order is commonly reviewed by an extraordinary writ is by reviewing the case law in the area.
We will not seek an extraordinary writ of mandate from the appellate court at this time.
Before filing a petition for an extraordinary writ, the practitioner should consult the relevant chapters in Florida Appellate Practice (6th ed.
330(d) to expressly provide that the court will not entertain motions for rehearing addressed to the dismissal of a petition for an extraordinary writ when that writ is used to seek review of a DCA decision without an opinion, in accord with Grate v.

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