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Subjects like extrasensory perception are dismissed neither for their inherent absurdity nor for their inability to conform to an arbitrary set of philosophical criteria.
People who call themselves parapsychologists attempt to prove the existence of what they call extrasensory perception (e.
Taken together, the chapters of Volume 1 of Extrasensory Perception make the case that even if one does not believe psi has been proven, surely further research is justified.
Mateevitsi's work is a step on the road to giving humans truly integrated extrasensory perception, Gershon Dublon of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who also works on augmenting parts of the human body said.
This electromagnetic or plasma trace can have an extracorporeal existence and may be involved in extrasensory perception and quantal phenomena.
If she is holding a candle, she may have a sleeping disorder and possess extrasensory perception, like the woman in white in La Sonnambula (notice that she always exits backwards).
Perhaps such a genetic mutation, providing, for example, extrasensory perception and instantaneous communication among all human beings, would do the job.
Psychologists who study telepathy rejoiced when a 1994 study in a major scientific journal supported the existence of extrasensory perception (ESP), also known as psi.
Finally respondents were asked their age and sex and whether or not they believed in extrasensory perception (e.
A 1991 Gallup Poll showed that 52 percent of Americans believe in astrology, 46 percent in extrasensory perception and 42 percent in communication with the dead.
Extrasensory Perception Volume 2: Theories of Psi is an excellent compendium of, if not strictly speaking, "theories of psi", outlines of what final potential theories could look like.
Such knowledge has been called by various names, such as intuition, extrasensory perception, etc.