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I'm sure everyone is familiar with the "tiny house" trend so popular right now--I don't think most people will take it to that extreme, but I foresee this generation being more focused on what they truly need in a home, and less on extravagancies.
Furthermore, any sensible family faced with a 'downturn',' immediately cuts out spending on holidays, eating out, plus other extravagancies.
98) "The King and Council, after an Examination of the whole Affair, did them [the Anabaptists] so much Justice, as to declare in the Gazette, that the whole Story was false and fictitious: But to such Extravagancies do Men sometimes proceed, who will support their Cause by other Methods than the Gospel prescribes.
and that depends on the extent of deductions from the EU agriculture budget for "financial discipline" - that is, priority for other EU extravagancies.
Despite his extravagancies and authoritarian style, the masses loved him.