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These are not the extravagancies of the aristocracy, but the thirst for blood of the people, drank up by Madam la Guillotine, which thirst has the same depleting effect on society.
and that depends on the extent of deductions from the EU agriculture budget for "financial discipline" - that is, priority for other EU extravagancies.
Despite his extravagancies and authoritarian style, the masses loved him.
that will not give himself up to all the Extravagancies of Delusion and Error must bring this Guide of his Light within [that is, his moral feeling] to the Tryal.
However, the novel does criticize the extravagancies of such people as felt through the adverse reactions of those witnessing their activities.
But, in these letters, I shall let you see that I am neither Whig, Tory, Radical, nor Destructionist, but merely a sincere lover of his country, and an admirer of his countrymen, with all their ridiculous extravagancies.
Finbar Kinneally (Washington, DC: The Academy of American Franciscan History, 1965); Geronimo Boscana, Chinigchinich: A Revised and Annotated Version of Alfred Robinson's Translation of Father Geronimo Boscana's Historical Account of the Belief, Usages, Customs and Extravagancies of the Indians of this Mission of San Juan Capistrano Called the Acagchemem Tribe, annotations John P.
Print designer creations: motifs, colors and imaginative extravagancies from textile designers
I travel to the ends of the universe, observing its simple yet beautiful extravagancies .
Williams ought to have considered whether Whitman attempts to leverage extravagancies upon honestly acquired collateral earned as poet of the street.
from reasonings purely philosophical ran into as great extravagancies of conduct as any Monk or Dervise that was ever in the world.