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EXTRAVAGANTES, canon law. This is the name given to the constitutions of the popes posterior to the Clementines; they are thus called quasi vagantes extra corpus juris, to express that they were out of the canonical law, which at first contained only the decrees of Gratian; afterwards the decretals of Gregory IX., the sexte of Boniface. VIII., the Clementines, and at last the extravagantes were added to it. There are the extravagantes of John XXII., and the common 'extravagantes.' The first contain twenty epistles, decretals or constitutions of that pope, divided under fifteen titles, without any subdivision into books. The others are epistles, decretals or constitutions of the popes who occupied the holy see, either before or after John XXII. they are divided into books like the decretals.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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READ:Dutertecreates presidential commission against corruption Asked whether he thinks a Christmas party that costs P6 million is extravagant, Roque replied: "We don't know we do not know how big that party was considering that PCSO is a nationwide organization." "He's (Duterte) very sensitive to what is reported by his own people in the different branches of government," Pressed whether the president has a directive about Cam's claim, Roque said: "Let's just say that with or without an order, the president takes heed.
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There are mad and extravagant sentences in Leaves of Grass and especially in the preface of the first edition, from 1855, which was a prose poem to the United States.
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