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He has evidently discovered that Laura secretly dislikes him (she confessed as much to me when I pressed her on the subject)--but he has also found out that she is extravagantly fond of flowers.
It was all too extravagantly nonsensical, and I conceived that it would be best to compose for myself a grave de meanour.
Her imagination, always rushing extravagantly beyond an immediate impression, saw her tall, strong brother grasping the feeble Philip bodily, crushing him and trampling on him.
STEVE McCLAREN extravagantly declared that Tim Krul's season-long injury could cost United up to 20 points.
You know you're on a budget when your lunch choice is the free biscuit you get with an extravagantly priced Americano or a two-mile walk to a shop far away from tourists and Wembley-goers so you can pay a normal price for normal food.
Andy and Terry have expanded their extravagantly implausible treehouse; the 13 new storeys include a dodgem car rink, a skate ramp, a mud-fighing arena, an anti-gravity chamber, and ice cream parlor with 78 flavors (run by a robot named Edward Scooperhands).
Kim Judd Is this the most extravagantly brilliant wedding proposal ever?
If men were to dress as extravagantly as women the gentlemen's outfitting business would be lucrative indeed.
GERB requested higher spending for the two institutions, while nationalists Ataka extravagantly proposed a cancellation of their state funding, due to an allegedly distorted coverage of ongoing anti-cabinet protests, which Ataka MPs said were tuned to benefit GERB.
The French Bedroom Company >has some gorgeous pink products from the extravagantly vibrant to the interestingly pale.
Trying hard to leave a long lasting impression on their teachers and peers, the students are spending extravagantly to invest into their appearances.
Looking like he'd stepped straight out of Tim Burton's fantasy fairytale, Paul celebrated alongside a club packed with pals including a couple of rather less extravagantly dressed familiar faces.