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And may or may not have also bought extravagantly priced cake to go with it.
If men were to dress as extravagantly as women the gentlemen's outfitting business would be lucrative indeed.
GERB requested higher spending for the two institutions, while nationalists Ataka extravagantly proposed a cancellation of their state funding, due to an allegedly distorted coverage of ongoing anti-cabinet protests, which Ataka MPs said were tuned to benefit GERB.
The French Bedroom Company >has some gorgeous pink products from the extravagantly vibrant to the interestingly pale.
Trying hard to leave a long lasting impression on their teachers and peers, the students are spending extravagantly to invest into their appearances.
Looking like he'd stepped straight out of Tim Burton's fantasy fairytale, Paul celebrated alongside a club packed with pals including a couple of rather less extravagantly dressed familiar faces.
LONDON Fashion Week kicked off yesterday with celebrities, extravagantly dressed observers and models wearing new designs creating a whirlwind of excitement in the capital.
During Thursday night''s concert - called Over The Rainbow - Dame Shirley sang Goldfinger, Diamonds Are Forever, I Am What I Am and the Lady is a Tramp BUENOS AIRES Murgas, extravagantly dressed dancers and drummers, parade through streets ahead carnival celebrations along Corrientes Ave VENEZUELA A street vendor sells dolls of Venezuela''s President Hugo Chavez called "La Intumbable," or roughly One who cannot be toppled.
Last year's winner was the extravagantly named US pornstar Aspen Reign - it was her fifth win.
Exec Digital both literally and physically walked the Hollywood strip to live out the celebrity glamorous life for the latest issue, focusing on the extravagantly luxurious to the extravagantly scandalous.
This large format paperback picture-story book is illustrated well in an extravagantly comic fashion that fits perfectly into the author's neatly and wittily rhymed narrative.
However, he rallied on the final two bends to capitalise as his striped jacketed rival ran extravagantly wide on the run-in, getting home by half a length in 29.