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The system affords clinicians substantial procedural control, including the ability to select the therapeutic agent(s) of their choice and to continuously circulate, irrigate, abrade, extravasate and evacuate the treatment site while mitigating the systemic release of the agent.
Metastasis is a sequential process in which tumor cells detach from the primary growth, invade through the surrounding host tissue into the circulation and subsequently disseminate to distant organs, where they arrest, extravasate and proliferate to form metastatic foci (Poste and Fidler 1980).
If appropriately stimulated while rolling, leukocytes will bind firmly to the endothelium via integrins and subsequently extravasate (12).
The venom attracts neutrophils, wh ich bind to endothelial cells but do not extravasate from the vasculature.
With an average diameter of approximately 100 nm, sphingosomes readily extravasate through these pores and accumulate within the tumor and slowly release the encapsulated drug.