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EB dye is perfectly in accord with this demand, because EB dye may bind strongly to albumin, extravasates, and remains for a prolonged time in the extravascular space due to the enhanced permeability and retention (EPR) effect of tumors [79].
Under physiological conditions, not only naive lymphocytes but also DC precursors, plasmacytoid DCs (pDCs), and central memory T cells extravasate from HEVs.
Because of cortical discontinuity in the proximal tibia, fluid is able to extravasate from the joint cavity into the muscular compartments of the lower leg.
To test the effect of QD labeling on the behavior of mammalian cells in vivo, we evaluated the ability of metastatic mouse tumor cells that had been endocytotically labeled with QDs to survive circulation in the blood, extravasate out of the blood stream, migrate, grow, and form tumors in mice (3).
In rupture of the bulb of the urethra - classically in a fall with legs apart across a fence - blood and urine extravasate into the scrotum, track up into the lower abdominal wall, but the fluid remains trapped in front of the anal verge.
Since the most devastating consequences of cancer arise from the process of metastatic dissemination, elucidation and evaluation of the biology of the process by which cancer cells invade locally, intravasate into the circulation and extravasate and survive in the distant tissues, is of fundamental importance.
After this they have to settle in the microvasculature of the organ, extravasate through the vessel wall, invade the target organ, and proliferate within the target tissue [4].
Choosing the transepicardial implantation rather than intracoronary administration might overcome the problems of functionally impaired stem cells to extravasate against a chemo attractant gradient to invade and home to the ischemic tissue.