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In these two patients, 12-14 hours after the first PTAE procedure, unfortunately a second PTAE procedure had to be performed due to intra-abdominal hemorrhage and active extravasation detected from the damaged vascular structures that had not been previously extravasated. It might be that those patients had a low systolic blood pressure during the first PTAE procedure.
However, according to some authors, large numbers of neutrophils in parakeratosis in the viable epidermis or neutrophils forming intraepidermal collections, as well as more numerous extravasated erythrocytes in the epidermis and necrosis more emphasized in the upper part of the epidermis, are features more common in HFMD (24), which was also present in our case to some extent.
Several endothelial lined blood vessels were engorged with RBCs and few extravasated RBCs were also noted.
Small vessels, inflammatory cell infiltration, and extravasated erythrocytes also could be found.[16] Neurofibroma is a benign peripheral nerve sheath tumor with invasive growth.
The osmotic property of the extravasated contrast pulls fluid into the brain leading to cerebral edema.
Furthermore, the extravasated EB dye within tissue can be observed by red fluorescence in tissue sections by fluorescence microscopy and quantified by colorimetry, spectrophotometry, and spectrophotofluorometry [62, 64, 65].
Primary brain damage is mainly due to the mass effect and mechanical disruption from extravasated blood.
Sanchez and Helmy were able to identify the perforation in case 1 after the contrast dye extravasated into the peritoneal cavity, but it inadvertently led to the delaying of PCI by a day.
Thus, the histopathologic picture was consistent with stromal reaction to extravasated mucin, possibly related to an injured, salivary gland mucous cyst (mucocele).
The literature generally points out that the key features for diagnosis are the presence of inflammatory cells (mainly lymphocyte) and extravasated red blood cells with clusters of reactive fibroblasts that are arranged in short bundles in a prominent myxoid stroma, as in our case [9].
Infiltrating atypical spindle cells in a nodular pattern making poorly formed vascular channels with extravasated red blood cells.