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The majority of complications arising from vertebroplasty and related techniques are related to unintended cement placement along the needle trajectory tract or extravasation outside of the fractured vertebrae.
The rate was determined by number of extravasation events over the total number of diagnostic scans using IV contrast during each calendar year 2011 to 2015.
Pericardial hematoma may demonstrate high density pericardial fluid; however, it would not be expected to demonstrate active extravasation of contrast.
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Bilateral congenital oral mucous extravasation cysts.
6) When calcinosis cutis is complicated by serious extravasation injuries, such as secondary infection or skin necrosis, debridement, drainage, or skin grafting may be needed.
The extravasation type is the most common mucocele, more common in children and young adults, with a peak in the second decade of life.
While hepatic contrast extravasation in a stable patient is typically treated with angioembolization, proximity to the gallbladder was concerning for gallbladder injury.
We think that both the erythema and bullous eruption in the presented case were signs of subcutaneous acyclovir extravasation, despite the fact that we frequently checked the line and were confident of its patency.