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Surgical consultation for management of contrast extravasation depends on patient's symptoms.
2), but did not cause any spontaneous extravasation of urine as demonstrated by a lack of dyed urine on the cotton wool engulfing the dissected kidney.
After venous contrast-media application, there was a clearly depicted rupture of the liver with active contrast-media extravasation confirming that the perihepatic fluid described above was blood (Figure 5, C).
Schulmeister adds that "infusion pumps should not be used to administer vincristine peripherally as they deliver infusions at higher pressures than gravity infusions and may continue to infuse even though extravasation is occurring.
The guidelines, based on existing literature, will form a web-based toolkit available to oncology nurses to provide them with clear and practical guidance on the management of extravasation as well as advice on how to implement the guidelines in clinical practice.
False positives are a major reason why previous extravasation devices that use the indirect detection method of impedance and resistivity have not been readily adopted.
Key Words: Central line, complication, extravasation, hydrochloric acid
E-Z-EM, the world's largest manufacturer of contrast agents for gastrointestinal radiology, has developed the only CT injector on the market that can help detect contrast extravasation, the new EmpowerCT(TM) injector with patented EDA(TM) technology.
The physician on call was notified that an extravasation had occurred.
Older therapies can be destructive to the remaining good bone in sites compromised by osteoporosis or result in unnecessary extravasation.
The FDA recently cleared ivWatch Model 400 from ivWatch, LLC, a first-of-its-kind continuous monitoring device that will improve patient care by quickly detecting common adverse events: IV infiltration and extravasation.