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Caregivers are notified if conditions suggest that an infiltration or extravasation has occurred.
The guidelines, based on existing literature, will form a web-based toolkit available to oncology nurses to provide them with clear and practical guidance on the management of extravasation as well as advice on how to implement the guidelines in clinical practice.
False positives are a major reason why previous extravasation devices that use the indirect detection method of impedance and resistivity have not been readily adopted.
The use of dexrazoxane (the active ingredient in Savene([R])) to treat anthracycline extravasation is protected by patent in several countries including the EU.
Medrad offers the XDS extravasation detector, available as an accessory that integrates with the Stellant CT Injection System.
TopoTarget USA invests significant resources to educate and raise awareness of anthracycline extravasations, their prevention, early detection and treatment.
This prestigious award recognizes our XDS Extravasation Detector technology, the investment of many resources for research and development, and the inherent risk of developing medical devices; the MDEA validates that the investment and risk were worth it," said Cliff Kress, senior vice president, MEDRAD CT Business Unit.
All instances of contrast reactions or extravasations and the subsequent treatment administered must be documented.
The MEDRAD XDS(TM) Extravasation Detector is a patented product designed to prevent moderate to severe contrast extravasations that may seriously injure patients.
E[acute accent]The Empower injector line includes EmpowerCTA -- the only double-barrel CT injector on the market to include both saline chase capability and E-Z-EM's patented extravasation detection technology, an accessory designed to aid the detection of contrast extravasations.
Due to the engineered radiopacity of Cortoss, extravasations were easily detected intra-operatively and averaged 0.