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The combined Vernier and Extreme Networks solution can not only scan end-user devices for vulnerabilities and policy enforcement, it also keeps security embedded within the network, and out of the hands of potentially malicious users.
With Extreme Networks' Policy-based QoS capabilities, the campus can easily meet the demands of real-time voice, video and other delay-sensitive applications with enforceable bandwidth and latency guarantees.
The meaning of the term extreme social situation can be rendered by the Latin word terror, meaning fear or horror, and the recently used term of terrorism.
Following on from the phenomenon of social networks and online video sites, we have been able to harness a new way of reaching our target market using our sense of style and humor," says Al Gosling, CEO of Extreme Group.
Based on Gigabit Ethernet, the Extreme Networks solution delivers a simplified approach to network management and administration, including the ability to perform either web-based or command line administration.
With the addition of Extreme Networks' products, Legend fulfills its goal to provide large enterprises with a complete solution for high performance servers, data storage and Ethernet networking functionality.
While Coombs can hack out a living in extreme skiing, he's one of the lucky few.
The EUVE can't detect very distant sources that glow in the extreme ultraviolet.
venture-funded Extreme DA develops and licenses software products to improve the performance and yield of nanometer integrated circuits.
By sharing a consistent architecture between all Extreme Networks switches, the operating system and the management platform, Extreme's solution can deliver high-performance clustering while reducing network ownership costs and management complexity.
By using Extreme Networks link aggregation technology, multiple links can be trunked to increase bandwidth, making it a technology to meet customer demands far into the future.
Galaxies probably serve as burial grounds for countless of these elderly neutron stars, and emissions in the extreme ultraviolet may represent a key way to map them in the Milky Way, Pounds speculates.