extreme fear

See: fright
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It is worthy of remark, as a curious physical instance of the efficacy of a sudden surprise in counteracting the effects of extreme fear, that her voice had quite recovered all its official asperity.
The fact is, that you have inspired not only the pontifical government, but also the neighboring states, with such extreme fear, that they are glad of all opportunity of making an example.
The FIA officials interrogated Sajid in a very inhumane way that is highly condemnable and there is a sense of extreme fear prevailing among the whole Christian community," Ruth said while speaking on a point of order during the 34th ongoing session of the Punjab Assembly.
His sentiments were also echoed by Kenya National Union of Nurses Lamu Secretary Julius Njogu, who said the allegations have made them to work under extreme fear.
There is extreme fear prevailing amongst the witnesses who are fearful of their security, resultantly they are afraid to cooperate during investigations,' the report said, adding, 'The eyewitnesses may be provided protection under the provisions of Sindh Witness Protections Act 2013.
It also found that"there is extreme fear prevailing among witnesses who are fearful of their security"and as a result"afraid to cooperate during inquiries and investigations against police.
She rushed from Cheshire to her sister's hospital bedside in Kent and said: "I felt extreme fear.
Even though I have flown aircrafts, I have an extreme fear of height.
If the individual perceives the experience as "too real," an extreme fear response can overcome the sense of control over the situation.
The bed-wetting of our patient's son is most likely related to his extreme fear of the dark, Bess says.
One woman said:"I felt extreme fear, I have never felt so sacred.
ALL OFFERS ARE WHILE STOCKS LAST THE WRAP STAR Has koumpounophobia (aka an extreme fear of buttons) got the better of you?

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