extreme penalty

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Since FinCEN took action to close the bank, the shareholders have repeatedly contacted FinCEN requesting the factual bases for its actions, including why it chose to implement its most extreme penalty.
It is largely the poor and the downtrodden who are the victims of this extreme penalty.
Mr Clark said: "For centuries, to be exiled - to be sent away - was considered to be an extreme penalty, reserved for the most serious of offences against the community.
The ]execution is appalling as is Saudi Arabia's continuing use of this most cruel and extreme penalty," said Malcolm Smart, Amnesty International's Director for the Middle East and North Africa.
The green complexes are very severe on some holes, and there is extreme penalty for a miss.
Amnesty International, which had urged King Abdullah to call off the beheading, said yesterday: "Abdul Hamid's execution is appalling, as is Saudi Arabia's continuing use of this most cruel and extreme penalty.
The line-up for the matches is due to be confirmed next Saturday after the final games but that would be thrown into chaos if QPR get the extreme penalty.
The extreme penalty may not be given to him and the honourable division bench agreed with this holding that it is a border line case when others have been given imprisonment for life, why a different treatment to Hawara?
Its unique and arbitrary standard, along with the extreme penalty attached to refusing it, creates the unmistakable impression that national loyalty is being valued over faithful obedience to the Gospel.
It is reflected in Shakespeare's Henry VI Part II, in the novels of Defoe, in John Gay's Beggar's Opera, in the Salem witch trials of 1694; time and again, the same view prevails--that a woman who is pregnant cannot suffer the extreme penalty of the law, because her child is an innocent person who deserves to live.
Field Marshal Lord Haig sealed Albert's fate when he authorised the extreme penalty.
When a person is caught red- handed at the scene of a murder, they should face the extreme penalty.