extremely important

See: vital
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The Greeks are interesting and extremely important because they reared such a vast number of great individuals.
She said all this quite casually, though it was extremely important in the eyes of the prince, and went off with her brother.
You remember, Inspector Martin, when the servants said that on leaving their room they were at once conscious of a smell of powder, I remarked that the point was an extremely important one?
On the Knowledge Day, September 1, Ukraine celebrates another important event - entry into force of the Ukraine-EU Association Agreement, which is the first and an extremely important step in the return of our country to the European family.
Pakistan skipper Sana Mir said:'It's extremely important for us to finish this tournament on a strong note'.
Only 46 percent of California voters said they believe it's extremely important for the state's teaching force to be racially, ethnically and linguistically diverse, but 63 percent of Latinos and 73 percent of African-Americans believe that.
About 95 percent of respondents indicate monitors and visualization equipment is important or extremely important to their success in the OR, but nearly all surgeons and surgical technicians ranked this as an extremely important.
Research shows 99 per cent of investors view integrity as either extremely important or very important when it came to selecting which companies or entrepreneurs to back financially.
It's extremely important that you have a stadium that's dedicated to that to bring international championships to the UK which is an extremely important market for athletics.
The markets to the east are extremely important for our economy.
Yet 74 percent of single and never married employees who have life insurance rate it as important, very important or extremely important to them in five years.
They are extremely important in avoiding complications in cross-border agreements on business and override previous guarantee cash collateral agreements.

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