extremely important

See: vital
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The Greeks are interesting and extremely important because they reared such a vast number of great individuals.
You remember, Inspector Martin, when the servants said that on leaving their room they were at once conscious of a smell of powder, I remarked that the point was an extremely important one?
PRINCETON, NJ -- Fifty-seven percent of registered voters say the economy will be extremely important to their vote for Congress this year, making it the top issue in the 2010 elections.
The conference touches on extremely important issues surrounding dignity in social care, and I would urge people to come along and take part in the workshops running on the day.
This conference is extremely important because it helps bankers and businesses understand the new uniform rules for demand guarantees, which now standardise agreements on a global scale,' said ICC Bahrain vice-chairman Adnan Bseisu.
Yet 74 percent of single and never married employees who have life insurance rate it as important, very important or extremely important to them in five years.
It's extremely important that you have a stadium that's dedicated to that to bring international championships to the UK which is an extremely important market for athletics.
The markets to the east are extremely important for our economy.
Interestingly, just 54 per cent of investors deemed a company's existing relationships to be either extremely important or very important when it came to backing businesses.
An extremely important agreement on cooperation between the tax authorities of our states has been signed.
Wade demonstrates that on at least one issue he would happily have his sense of morality override the right to privacy, an extremely important cornerstone in the queer community's fight to gain civil rights.
Recruiters and hiring managers would be better off arranging an interview or an introduction between the candidate and a great manager than they would be touting the fact that the company is publicly traded (just 3% of job seekers say the latter is extremely important when applying for jobs).

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