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Morality (or, Virtue) * Broad-range product improvement * Constructive stakeholder management Intellectual (or, Wisdom) * 'Holding the opportunity' * Extreme customer-orientation--'Just for fans; crush of fans' * Internet philosophy: focus, extremeness, reputation, and speed * Global vision Physical Ability (or, * Invention vs.
Finally, with respect to judgmental heuristic cues, the five judgmental heuristic cues (default bias, the use of a diversification heuristic, extremeness aversion, a home bias and the use of a 1/n heuristics) identified by Hedesstrom, Svedsater, and Garling (2004) were used as coding variables in this study.
First, it can reduce the potential for extremeness sanctions against early adopters and advocates of anti-idling behavior, by creating an impression that actions that might otherwise be disapproved as excessively penny-pinching or environmentally extremist are common and commonsensical.
Informing the public about what abortions actually do, about the frequency of abortion, about the extremeness of Roe v.
Real danger lies in the extremeness of current American monetary policies.
From this viewpoint, the woman's tears can be read positively too: the civilization which the film has depicted and of which she is a member is not exactly encourag-ing, but if the tears embody despair, the extremeness of the breakdown can also conceivably lead to a rethinking, a movement towards a new life, the impetus to struggle.
It shaves off Amar's earlier tendencies to extremeness and cleverness for its own sake.
Both of these behaviors are examples of what is called extremeness aversion," Staelin explains.
But the extremeness of it all - 18 young lads lost their lives at once - a lot of people felt the effect of the deaths like our family did.
finding of extremeness aversion, which shows that within an offered set,