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The paper said, through education, the vast majority of trainees now recognize the nature and harm of terrorism and religious extremism, freeing themselves from the control these phenomena exert over their minds.
* Dr Struthers and Dr Diane Webber, Visiting Fellow in the Center on National Security and the Law at Georgetown University, evaluate the effectiveness of teaching so-called 'Fundamental British Values' in schools as a means to counter extremism
The papers cover the arguments on the causes extremism, the complex relationship between social media and extremism, as well as discussions on how to best counter extremism.
Ive travelled across the country and have told Government about the deep concerns that exist about extremism. Im grateful to everyone who has contributed to this call for evidence.
An important challenge in dealing with extremism and radicalisation has been the varied and evolving nature of the drivers of violent extremism within communities, and countries.
Even though most of the literature on extremism and violence has been produced in western countries, the phenomenon itself has affected the eastern countries as much as it has affected the western countries.
The speakers said since extremism has permeated in different sections of society, the antidote lies in developing a holistic strategy that covers multiple fronts.
Ano said the GCERF funding will be tapped to support areas in Mindanao, Luzon and Metro Manila that are vulnerable to violent extremism.
The Islamic scholar also dedicated the award to Pakistan's security forces for their unmatched sacrifices in the war against terrorism and extremism. He also pointed out that the entire world had acknowledged the role security forces of the country played against the menace of terrorism and extremism.
The business case is compelling: violent extremism poses a clear threat to companies, employees and customers.
The meeting was an opportunity to exchange experiences and ideas, and to extend the mutual cooperation of local authorities in managing and empowering communities in facing the challenges of violent extremism of all kinds, the IOM stated.
'World must realize Pak-India conflict will destabilize region and later the world at large, world will be more divided and extremism at new peaks....