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Sima Bahous, Permanent Representative of Jordan to the United Nations, chaired the meeting and thanked UNDP for taking the lead in developing the toolkit and expressed that Jordan will continue to advocate for systematic efforts to prevent violent extremism and work closely with UNDP to devise innovative tools to increase and ensure impact on the ground.
The conference is aimed at addressing the legal, political, religious, cultural, economic and social aspects of extremism, to create a comprehensive methodology to address and solve this problem.
Especially because there may be a scalable, low-cost option to increase empathy and possibly reduce extremism.
The last decade has seen a significant increase in both the level of extremism and terrorism around the world.
Although the Pakistan military has done an excellent job in breaking will of the terrorists to fight, but to discourage the tendency of violent extremism and sectarian violence in some sections of the society in Pakistan, a national effort based on a well structured national policy having a comprehensive counter narrative, in line with the beliefs and ground realities of Pakistan is required To formulate and implement an effective national policy, there is a need to keep many important points in focus.
Because of the impossibility for the international body to develop a unified definition of violent extremism, the U.
The idea was an offshoot of the overarching theme of his presidential campaign platform, which called for interaction, tolerance, moderation and prudence over violence and extremism.
He aked, International community can stop hate and extremism in the region, if India forced by the community to stop its state terrorism in IHK.
It's necessary to boost preventive measures among followers of radical movements, pay attention to extremism propaganda on the internet, boost work on information counteraction to terrorism and extremism," he said.
They agreed to remain united and committed to curbing hatred, extremism and violence.
It isn't religious ideology that drives them into extremism," Barbara Pesce Monteiro - Director of the UN/UNDP Representation Office in Brussels, told a press conference presenting the report titled "Journey to Extremism in Africa: Drivers, Incentives and the Tipping Point for Recruitment.
SPA file photo) JEDDAH: Religious and intellectual extremism will be tackled in a conference being organized by the Muslim World League (MWL) in New York starting today.