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The agency trained over 50 community service organisations to counter the influence of extremists among Kenyans online.
The research sample reflects a cross-section of British Muslim extremists, from senior ideologues to foot soldiers; from the very wealthy to the poor; and from excellent students to drug dealers.
In a study of Google-owned YouTube, 107 jihadi terror videos and 94 from far-right extremists were flagged up.
The extremists, including suicide bombers, reportedly attacked the base from three directions, forcing soldiers to retreat.
Governors have also been instructed to ban extremist literature and to remove anyone from Friday prayers who is promoting anti-British beliefs or other dangerous views.
Local media quoting officials reported that the decision to conduct military operation against emerging militant and extremists group has been finalized in a high level meeting.
The bauxite projects that triggered extremist activities include a joint venture between National Aluminium Co.
In Russia, owning or promoting reading materials that are considered extremist is punishable under the federal law on counteracting extremist activity, which was originally intended to fight terrorism.
He said extremism was on rise in India during Narendra Modi regime and Muslims were being tortured by the extremist groups.
Israel responded further to Jewish extremists Sunday by arresting suspects in West Bank settlements and placing two high-profile radicals under a type of detention that allows for holding them for six months without charges.
The amendments prohibit the use of communication networks with the extremist content.
The discussion will not focus on one particular extremist group as the goals, processes and targets of online radicalization may extend across many ideologies and belief systems.