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"It's a massive problem right across the region and it means a great deal to us that we're in a position to help," said Darren Priddle, co-founder of Extremus Dog Training.
Following 9/11, many countries created so-called terrorism pools such as GAREAT in France, EXTREMUS in Germany, POOL RE in the United Kingdom, and the Dutch Terrorism Risk Reinsurance Company, NHT, in the Netherlands.
"Lochac Revisited", Oriens Extremus, 1969, 16:85- 110.
Extremus, LLC encompasses three core brands - Extremus, There Are No Limits Foundation, and Richard Burgunder.
(2002) 'Host-guest opposition as a model of geo-political relations in pre-imperial China', Oriens Extremus 43: 77-100.
1969 'Lochac revisited', Oriens Extremus 16.1:85-110.
There must be other families out there who suffer from a devastating medical condition called Extremus Badloserus.
The current schemes for terrorism insurance in France (GAREAT), Germany (Extremus), the UK (Pool Re), the Netherlands (Dutch Terrorism Risk Reinsurance Company (NHT)), and the United States (Terrorism Risk Insurance Act (TRIA)) all have features of governments acting as a reinsurer of last resort.
El analisis microfaunistico ha revelado la existencia de Globorotalia puncticulata (Deshayes, 1832) en coexistencia de Globigerinoides extremus Bolli & Bermudez, 1965, en la unidad 2.
In 2002, the German government and the Gesamtverband der Deutschen Versicherungwirtschaft (roughly, the association of the German insurance industry) created Extremus, a specialist company similar in structure to Pool Re that covers property damage from acts of terrorism.
948) For example, in Germany, a reinsurance company called Extremus was erected to cover the terrorism risk with a state guarantee for amounts above three billion and up to ten billion euros.