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It would be a pleasant change if our administration in Westminster, instead of descending into a state of denial about Iraq and Afghanistan, while sending thousands more troops into that area of conflict, set their minds on how they could extricate themselves from what is a hellish and untenable situation.
He accepted the appalling racist behaviour of a few Everton fans, but seeks to deflect from this by suggesting Liverpool fans should be looked at Well, Mr Seddon should extricate his head from the sand and acknowledge the coverage of the Heysel disaster and the violence at Millwall, both reported in the ECHO, which hardly leave Liverpool fans covered in glory
Or did they just want to extricate themselves ASAP from this sickening farce?
For all members of our Armed Forces currently involved in this mission to extricate our oil from under their sand: a safe return, and yes, that does include our mine-sniffing dolphins.
Though Arnell is financially independent, and no longer technically one of her mother's "girls," she is unable to extricate herself from her past.
The structure of Empire is circular rather than linear; it recalls Heidegger's hermeneutic circle and his effort to extricate Western art from subject-object aesthetics.
The refusal movement, while quite small in comparison with the tens of thousands of Israelis, gay and straight, who continue to serve in the Israel Defense Forces, is evidence of the anguished debate in Israel over how to extricate the country from a complex political and military situation that the Jewish state did not seek.
respectfully but firmly requests all members of Congress to use appropriate constitutional authority in order to extricate our nation from the threat to freedom posed by the United Nations.
Rescue operations are continuing to extricate passengers from the half-submerged vehicle, PTI said.
has written 'The Beguiling Spirits' which recounts his ten-year spiritual battle to extricate himself from the grip of a cult-like church.
But whereas Settis aims to follow the labyrinths of interpretations without being caught in them and to ultimately extricate the work of art from its interpretive fortunes, Brilliant prefers to implicate the physical object in the trajectory of its own critical discourse.
He insists that only long-term Western investment will extricate Africa from its economic and social distress.