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And with up to 500 volts running through some wires in the vehicles, as opposed to 12 volts in traditional cars, there is a growing concern that rescue workers are at risk when extricating victims at an accident scene.
Marshall doesn't pretend otherwise, but it means that extricating subject matter from aesthetics in these images is all but impossible, though it's precisely the friction between dour subject and ripe picturing that drives them.
In the midst of a legal dispute with the Haley estate, during which I was extricating myself from any involvement with their project--and before Lowry and the estate parted ways--I was asked to assist her with the writing of her book, since I was the one with the most knowledge of my family's story.
Walnut Acres farm is extricating itself from the Walnut Acres brand, one of the most recognized of the organic market.
NOVEMBER--After endless tribulations caused by the difficulty of extricating scenery, costumes & dancers from among Europe's bloody confusion, Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo sets its N.
Tomalin is masterful at extricating these strands and creating from them a subtle yet complex portrait of a forthright, witty, often acerbic personality.
Responding to the need to protect rescue workers from electical dangers when extricating victims from hybrid electric vehicles, Hurst has introduced a new specialized rescue tool.
They carried the fox to Tipton Fire Station for expert help in extricating it.
They had to be really careful extricating her from the Caravan,'' Hahn said, adding that Villa is expected to recover.