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p7) cite tobacco exposure and dietary practices as examples of factors that should be evaluated to determine the level of risk; in this case, of extrinsic stain that the highest level of care dictates be removed prior to tooth-whitening procedures.
In reviewing these data, it appears that combining sodium hexametaphosphate with stannous fluoride in the SFSH formulation removes and inhibits extrinsic stain formation and that the SFSH dentifrice is as effective as positive control whitening dentifrices.
The 109 skill standards are categorized into these 17 areas: infection control (12 standards); patient/client preparation (8); oral cancer screening (2); impression procedures (2); periodontal assessment and examination (11); observation of teeth (5); indices and scoring methods (18); communication (5); application of caries preventive agents (5); instrument maintenance (8); instrumentation and dental and dental hygiene treatment (8); pain control (4); intrinsic and extrinsic stain removal (5); amalgam restoration finishing and polishing (2); intraoral appliance/restoration procedures (4); dental imaging (8); and dental hygiene process and professional standards (2).
It is an excellent portable method of extrinsic stain removal or application of therapeutic agents.