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In many packaging applications, there is an increasing use of polypropylene, easily extrudable in film form, commonly known as cast polypropylene (CPP).
Classed as Pastes, their products include URC Confectionery pastes for blending with a fat, sugar or coconut-based filling, URC Resetable pastes for use in making the new fruit confection style Fruit of Yonks, and URC Extrudable or co-extrudable pastes for use with fillings or co-extruded biscuits or snacks.
These Scotch-Weld compounds are lightweight, extrudable and pumpable, offering superior handling attributes and dispensability.
SILVER AWARD - PepsiCo Tropicana Inspiration 89-oz ePET Team , consisting of Nicole Green, Senior Manager, Packaging R&D, Neil Enciso, Director, Packaging R&D and Clarence Sequeira, Senior Principal Scientist, Global R&D, for their launch of Tropicana's new 89-oz extrudable PET (ePET) bottle and flip-top closure-the first commercial recycle-compatible ePET container.
They are easily moldable and extrudable with standard equipment and can easily be colored with standard colorants.
Extrudable thermoplastics such as ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), PETG (polyethylene terepthalate glycol) and PVC (polyvinyl chloride) are used to manufacture the enclosures in thicknesses to half an inch.
Key statement: A novel polymodal asymmetric elastomeric block copolymer and a pressure sensitive adhesive, tape and adhesive backed article made therefrom, such as a polymer foam article having a substantially smooth surface prepared by melt-mixing a polymer composition and a plurality of microspheres, at least one of which is an expandable polymeric microsphere, under process conditions, including temperature and shear rate, selected to form an expandable extrudable composition; and extruding the composition through a die.
Also for the powder coatings market are Powdersafe Pellets extrudable pigments.
Improvements of fluoropolymers for extrudable high performance film are aimed at the reduction of thermal stress cracking, higher transparency, reduced creep and permeability, improved weldability, higher resistance to certain chemicals, and improved processability.
The platforms will include Silplus MP multi-purpose silicone elastomers, Silplus EX extrudable silicone elastomers and Silplus HS high strength silicone elastomers.
office in Pittsburgh) developed an extrudable PC grade for the production of a new collection of hardshell suitcases said to feature durability and light weight with a soft and comfortable feel.
Patent 7,718,747 (May 18, 2010), "Fiber and Process for Obtaining Same From HighModulus, Extrudable Polyethylene," Dellyo Ricardo dos Santos Alvares and Roberto Barcala Haag (Petroleo Brasileiro S.